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Event: 11th Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation

FREENESS - AMAZE will be giving away so much at its 11th Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation on Fri Dec 17th 2021 from 9am until 8pm – Come and be blessed, PRAISE GOD.


The AMAZE Massive 11th Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation is on Friday December 17th 2021 from 9am until 8pm. The WHOLE WORLD is INVITED! There will be FREE Refreshments, Lactose, Gluten & Cholesterol free ice cream, Smiley’s Snow Cones & Lollies, Natural Koolaids, FREE Fruits & Vegetables, FREE entertainment, FREE gifts, FREE health checks - blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol.  Live outside broadcast on CBC and VOB. The AMAZE 18 foot Dancing Argi9 Man will be there. This AMAZING 11 day sale starts on Friday December 17th with 20% off storewide which includes the famous Argi9 i.e the real, real Argi9. The AMAZE 11 Day Sale continues on Sat Dec 18th – Fri Dec 31st with 10% OFF storewide.

Free Refreshments - Includes healthy, delicious lactose, gluten & cholesterol free ice cream, Smiley’s Snow Cones and Natural Fruit Lollies as well as a variety of tantalizing dishes – please take a look at our 11th Anniversary Menu to see what is being served.


Free Entertainment – You will be Amazed by the AMAZE 18 foot dancing Argi9 man,

Carols on Pan, Keann Walters & Kristojay Paul, Saxophonist Aliya Trotman, Worship Dancers and DJ Wendell Weekes from Kingdom Vibes.


Free Health Checks – Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar & Cholesterol.


Free Fruits & Vegetables – A wide variety of local and imported Fruits & Vegetables


Grocery Items – Flour, Tuna, Cooking Oil, Rice, Pasta, Ketchup, Biscuits, Baked Beans and so much more.

Free Gifts - Lots of free gifts including AMAZE Calendars, search lights, cellphone stands, waterproof cellphone pouches, purses, card holders, water bottles, cooler bags, travel mugs, notebooks with pens, foldable bags, drawstring backpacks, cups, pencils, pens including lighted pens and 4 color pens, lunch and shopping bags, lighted coasters and so much more!


Amazing Storewide Sale - For our 11th Anniversary we will be having a BIG, BIG, Massive AMAZING 11 day Sale with 20% OFF everything storewide on Friday December 17th including the famous REAL Argi9 and the Global Excellence Award winning cancer product TIG10 as well as VIF10 and Kidney Care, Prostate Care, Detox Foot Patches, Lean Care Weight Loss Capsules and all the rest of our natural care products including our new products like the AMAZE Healthy steam baked noodles, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, Clove Powder, Curry Powder, Noni Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Drink Mixes, Smoothies, Chai Seeds & Infusion and so much more. The sale continues for another 10 days from Sat Dec 18th – Fri Dec 31st with 10% OFF Storewide.


The AMAZE 11h Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation is not to be missed. Miss this Big, Massive, Awesome AMAZE 11th Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation and you have only yourself to blame.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you as the entire world is invited. If you are overseas book your ticket immediately and make your way into Barbados with haste, if you are on the moon it is time to get on that shuttle back to earth for this MAGNIFICENT, AWESOME Celebration. See you there!!!!!


Full COVID-19 Protocols will be in place at this event so wear your mask and come. Those coming from overseas for our event should visit or for the COVID-19 travel to Barbados requirements.

Call AMAZE at 420-7809 with area code 246 for overseas callers.

Have A Happy Happy Christmas & A Safe, Blessed, Prosperous & Covid Free New Year from the team at AMAZE!!!!!! 


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